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Custom Gown for Grace Kim


We are thrilled to work on a gown with elements of this stunning design to make it truly Grace's own! 


The customer has been advised that we do not replicate gowns, nor in any way will ever try to pass them off as the original item. It’s important to me that all my customers are clear on this. Should having the gown be IDENTICAL to or identifiable as the original be important to you, it is my strongest recommendation that you purchase the original either new or through a reputable used gown site.

As agreed for $540 it will be sewn as close to this beautiful bride's requests and specifications as possible.


The quoted price is for having a personalised pattern drafted and hand cut to produce a fully tailored, custom made-to-fit gown.


All of our gown are always made with a full and professional internal structure including full lining to ensure the dress sits perfectly on the figure all night and our dresses are always 100% finished and ready to wear except for requiring a light steam to remove any wrinkles caused in shipping.



I understand buying anything online is a big deal and especially understand buying a custom gown this way can seem like an enormous decision. If you have any questions at all, please ask as I am ALWAYS happy to help.


Item #Custom Grace
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